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1990 Buick Reatta AC Hose Repair Difficulties


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Have owned and operated my 1990 Buick Reatta for 30 years as my only car.  This past summer the AC hose went bad.  Took to a radiator specialist but he is having difficulties fixing the system.  His words: “the problem I am having is that the factory hoses are not designed to be re-crimped.  The ferrule on the original AC lines is built into the line.  When we removed the original AC line and replaced the ferrule and crimped the new hose, we are unable to get a proper seal on the hose.”  After three attempts at getting a proper seal, the refrigerant leaks out within minutes.  Greatly appreciate any suggestions, recommendations or insight from the forum as to how I can fix this problem and get my AC working again.   Thanks!  BRD   

Reatta AC Hose Leaking.JPG

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