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78 blazer wiper issue


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Hello all , I have an issue with the wiper motor or switch in a 78 blazer that I am restoring  so I will just get right into it .

I am nearing the end phase of this restoration , an had to do a complete rewire since the old harness was hacked to bits , this far all the gear I have tested is functioning properly with the exception of the wipers . Now I am preety sure that I have wired the motor an switch correctly as I used the correct gm wiring diagram an then further verified connection of all wiring for the motor an switch by doing a continuity test on each lead from plug to plug. I plug the motor in all fine plug the switch in ( both brand new ) an as soon as I turn on the ignition the wiper motor runs, with the switch in the off / park position. The original motor an switch do the same thing an this has been kicking my azz for 2 days so any help is much appreciated

blazer 001 (800x600).jpg

blazer 002 (800x600).jpg

blazer 003 (800x600).jpg

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found the problem ! removed the park /wash assembly an the park switch was not installed correctly . when the park cam comes around it should break the contact an park the wipers. somehow the metal tab that contacts the cam was bent at the factory an wasn't breaking contact not allowing the wipers to park !

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