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1936? Fisher? body. What is this?


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From "The Invaders" (1995).


This was a revival of the Quinn-Martin show from the mid 60s. Car appears at 1:55:10 and again at 2:09:11. It appears to be a 1936 GM product I think. I looked it up on IMCDB where they think it is a Buick. I have my doubts. Not Pontiac, not Olds. 1936 LaSalle maybe? What is this thing?






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2 hours ago, Tom Boehm said:

I think this is a 1936 Buick. Check out the chrome hood side panel decoration, the steering wheel, the rear suicide door, and the shape of the windows. 


On closer inspection, I think you are right. It was initially the hood vents that had me thinking LaSalle (with the whole radiator surround missing) rather than Buick. You can see them quite a bit better in the first video (if you stop it) than the still. I now see that if the LaSalle surround were gone, the headlights would be too. Thanks!





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