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Very possible when Hemmings says a paint job is 40 grand on a muscle car.  

Unfortunately not staying true to original might make it a hard sell.   Falls in a weird custom category that would normally appeal to the resto mod crowd,  but they usually want AC tilt Cruise and power everything. 

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3 hours ago, Graham Man said:

Extremely nice Graham...


Sorry to say, it doesn't look all that nice to me.

The red paint looks garish, unless it can be

documented to be authentic.  And the upholstery

looks incorrect to me:  It's unusual to see leather

in a closed car of that era, and the rolls of the pleating

are too flat.  The upholsterer probably wasn't familiar

with correct upholstery of that period.


Oh, what funds were misspent!  Anyone doing a car

should do it right the first time!

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OK I was trying to be nice "he took a few liberties" you are correct, only the GP business coupes and the open cars had leather.   Color match fenders were available in 1930 Second Series for an additional $15 (not this car) and that red was only available as an accent (pin) stripe on select color schemes.  The fenders and the headlight bar should both be black.  The center of the radiator should be matte black.  Natural wood wheels were a $10 option.  The reveals should be wood grain not painted on a 615 (610 would be body color) same with the dash strip, it should be wood grain.  Being a 1929 Second Series the steering wheel should have 4 spokes, 3 spokes came one model year later.

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Nice looking car to be used as a driver and simply enjoyed.  Show car and authentic. not so.  If the owner likes red he sure got it.  Someone will eventually be the recipient of a nice "fixed up" car, once the price has settled out.  (Fixed up,that's the term we used in the 1960's for a car that was built to be driven, not shown).  Good luck, better to be fixed up like this than to be sitting as a pile of junk!


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