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63 215 aluminum head -


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I fixed a similar problem in a motorcycle head years ago, by tapping for a pipe thread, screwing in a piece of pipe and putting a Helicoil in that.

As long as you don't hit water it should be possible to fix it. What have you got to lose by trying?

Rover used the same engine for years, don't know if the heads interchange but I am sure there is a Buick fan someplace who knows.

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There are kits if you want to go bigger. read this link on the "time-sert"


it says stripped hole needs to be 0.660 inches diameter or smaller


NOTE: If the hole was previously REPAIRED with Helicoil or save-a-thread style insert.
Use our BIG-SERT for oversized spark plug repairs click here:

" OVERSIZED HOLES" For Spark plugs that have been previously repaired.

The stripped hole should not be larger than 16.8mm or .660 inches.






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