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Fan for a 1924 Stephens

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I believe a 1924 Stephens had a continental engine 6 cylinder.  I need a cooling fan as you can see someone has butchered this fan up and I am afraid it is out of balance.  I've tried matching them with tractor fans but was unsuccessful so any and all leads would be much appreciated. PM me or wyankee@hotmail.com


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You may not like my answer, though I would find a 6 plus bladed fan (possibly even a moden flex fan) and have a machine tool shop make you an adapter.   You would probably benefit from a few more blades and more modern technology. 


I generally use a automotive machine tool shop called Zakira's Garage  zakiras.com here in Cincinnati - they are pretty handy folks - if you can make a late 20's V-16 Miller race car engine from factory drawings you can pretty much do anything (usually Mike Yust) 


Sidenote:  About everything I have ever had either dad or i have upgraded the fan for touring reasons and when a fan is painted black generally no one ever notices.


All the above being said though, there should be some gu-ru of Stephens with an extra fan hanging on the garage wall - shame you do not need one for a 1934-36 Auburn or Flathead Cadillac as I have a large collection now.

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Was able to find a 6 bladed fan from a Farmall Model H tractor, much heavier but very well balanced.  Runs smooth on the engine but I do not know much about a flat belt and when we rev the engine the belt runs into the front of the engine.  If anybody has any good ideas on how to make the belt run true to the bottom pulley I would be interested in your suggestion.




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DO NOT REMOVE THE DRIVE PULLEY. If you are having difficulty measuring, or RECOGNIZING crown, if any, figure there is none for now. No crown on either pulley indicates the belt was assumed to run true due to the deep channels on each pulley. In this case, as John says, precise alignment is extremely critical. First thing comes to mind is the huge amount of cantilever in the fan shaft. It can be complicated to diagnose this without being hands-on. BUT : Did you have some of this problem before you changed to the new fan ? In any case, I see that you have some skills at whittling metal. Machining some crown into the driven pulley should do the trick if all else fails, and carries no downside risk.   -   Carl 

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Thanks again for the reply's.

When it was apart I trued up the mounting bracket on the surface grinder, and made a bushing for the shaft, so I know that is square to the front of the engine. 

I was going to crown the upper pulley, but there just isn't enough material to do that. The owner of the car doesn't want to remove the lower pulley unless absolutely


The next thing we're trying is a wider belt that will fit between upper pulley runners.



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