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425 nail head with 2-4 manifold!!


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Someone needs to buy this, If I was anywhere near there I would have it!

(Idyllwild, California)

, BTW the seller offered it to me for $2500, probably take less with cash in  hand!!!


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I don't know.  Fewer people willing to buy the early high performance stuff incomplete.  Really it's an unknown.  Unless it was balanced and blueprinted and has a parts and service list for what was replaced.  Then a person still need to spend $$$ on the carbs, the air cleaner and linkage, distributor, etc.   A person could have $10,000 in gee whiz parts for a Wildcat or Riviera, sure.  I have driven all of the power plants for the full size 64 Buicks and my favorite was the 425 4 barrel. 


The issue is the watchers on ebay.  There will be 100 + watchers but no bids.  The sellers eyes will get big seeing all those lookie loos but no one will pull the trigger.  ebay is great entertainment for folks.  I placed a Buick on ebay recently and had 100 + "watchers" and a few small bids but no one wanted it.  It will be the same in this instance.  Maybe there will be an off ebay sell.


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I bet he would take $2500......Way overpriced. Have to assume the block and heads would need rebuild and hope whoever worked on it previously didn't screw it up which isn't uncommon on nails. Maybe that's why it has sat. I don't see it being worth more than $750 and that's only after putting a set of eyes on it.

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