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PHOTOS: Help identify these autos. THANKS!

Peter Gariepy

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From: "Christopher Paulsen"

Date: 11/15/2002 05:56 PM

Subject: Early Auto Pics

Hi Peter,

Attached are three photos of early cars. If you have a chance, I would like

them posted on the AACA site for identification. Thanks for your time, and keep up the great work,

Chris Paulsen

Allendale, NJ







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Guest Randy Berger

I understand the pronunciation, but I believe the proper spelling is tuchess. Ref the Yiddish non-collegiate dictionary.

YFAM, Randy Berger

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I don't know about the car in picture 3, but the butt sticking up looks JUST like a 2002 Pete Hartman convertible, and probably smelled like it too. I bet it's like looking in the mirror, right Pete?

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I am glad everyone is enjoying picture #3. It is actually my great uncle. Everyone should be more careful with their insults. Ok, just kidding.

Here are a couple hints I have seen on the originals:

#2 looks like a Packard '30' chassis. It has Packard hubcaps. I think it has been rebodied, but it has 1913 Mass plates on it.

#3 looks like a two-cylinder opposed (under the body). There is an inspection door on the side of the body. Water tank is probably under the hood, there is no filler neck or cap on the radiator.

Does anyone have any ideas (on the cars, not the rear)?



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I think you are right about the Queen. I came a cross the HCCA Gazette article from about 10 years ago on the history of the company. I would say it is definately a Queen.

Thank you.

I have a few more I can't identify. I will probably email them to peterg tonight. Any more help would be appreciated. Hopefully these will be easier.


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