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1952 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Transmission locks up


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My father has a 1952 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 with a hydra magic transmission. The transmission often stick as if it is in neutral and will not move no matter what gear is selected. Car must be shut off before issue is resolved and sometimes takes several minutes and or attempts. Any help is appropriated. Thanks

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hi, it might be the shift linkage is needing some lube or is hanging up, you need to inspect the linkage from the lever down to the outer lower shift lever on the hydra-matic's side pan. the other cause of the condition is the valve inside the valve body is sticking, not wanting to move, a can of seafoam trans cleaner or marvel mystery oil may help clean the shift valve inside the valve body. a new oil filter screen and complete fluid change should be seriously considered. the bottom pan has a drain plug plus the fluid coupling has a drain plug, you'll need 11 quarts of dexron 3 to refill, put in 6, start the engine for 2 minutes, put in another 4, start the engine, leave it running, keep checking the dipstick as you slowly add part or all of the 11th quart. you may find the dipstick is under the carpet on the right side of the floor hump. new pan gasket is very easy to find, you may have to soak your old oil filter screen in kerosene to get it cleaned.

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