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1925 Chevrolet Sport

Juha Paavo Kaita

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Chevrolets were sold in Turku (Finland) area by "Turun Autohalli Oy (Turku Autogarage Co.). There are some digitized  dicuments telling to whom they have sold Chevrolets during years 1925 and 1926. For passenger cars they use two body designation; Touring ans Sport. Touring is clear for me but what do they mean by "Sport". I did not find that body style from "The Classic Car Database" web pages. The company also sold some trucks and they were marked as "trucks" and not "kuorma-auto" which is Finnish word for truck.


I enclose two photos of Chevyes which were once in use in Vehmaa Finland aand which I think were sold by "Turun Autohalli Oy"- Chevrolet was the second most common make of automobile after Ford.


Juha Kaitanen

Sipoo, Finland

5 b chevy 1925 vehmaa ja joir.jpg

6 c albert varjonen chevy.jpg

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Hello Juha


I own a '21 Chevrolet 490. Starting in 1922,there was a Deluxe model offered. That year, you could get nickle trim on the rad shell and headlight bezels,and an energy absorbing ( ! ) front bumper. Also,the 1922 Deluxe had a rear mounted fuel tank and a vacuum tank,replacing the gravity feed system.

I believe that by 1925,the Sport model was only different from the standard by the above mentioned nickle trim. Here in Canada,the standard wheels were wood spokes, with the disc wheels being optional. This may have been another "sport" feature. I may stand corrected by someone with more knowledge on the '25-'26 models.

It would appear that the car in your photo would be the Sport version with all the above accessories.



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