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Terry Wiegand

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A friend down in New Zealand had these timing gear case tags made a few years back and I was able to get a set while he still had some.  Mark Kikta and I talked about this other day and he was asking just how much oil should be in the gear case.  I was in Davenport back in September and saw my engine while it was torn down.  I did not see the empty gear case and I did not think to ask about that area at the time.  I do know that the gear oil drains into the crankcase in some fashion - just how or where this happens, I do not know at this point.  Hopefully, one of the guys who has been completely through their engine will chime in and explain the details and tell just how much oil is needed.  I am wanting to know this also and the 1916 Reference Manual does not address this point.  A drawing shows the fill points but does not give any more information than that.  Any details will be much appreciated.


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas


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