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SOLD! Mid fifties buick and Nailhead stuff


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One engine from a 56 special complete minus carb and exhaust manifolds. Looks pretty clean, turns by hand but running condition unknown. Been stored inside for 15+ years. $250 Pending


One block only from a 56 century. Car showed 45k miles on odometer. Block looks decent but due to the water that was in it, I'd say bore it. $100

One complete 55 century 322 (no carb or intake) turns by hand.  SOLD

55 century rear axle SOLD (hub to hub)

Two 55  dynaflows one roadmaster one from a century SOLD one scrapped one

Roadmaster rear axles and center carrier (spider gears and block used elsewhere) SOLD

4bbl intake $100 

55 322 air cleaner repainted in great shape SOLD

Crank and flexplate from 55 322 $50

Starter shields $40

55 Roadmaster power steering box and column SOLD

55 Roadmaster frame SOLD

56 century front spindles $20 pair



Can be shipped via fastenal. Package deals welcome!



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15 minutes ago, MrEarl said:

Unless from a 3 speed most likely 3.4 to 1. If the gears are for sure good, you’re givin that thing away dude. Consider putting it on the PreWar forum, they make great swaps into 30-40’s. 

Its a dynaflow car. Stuffs just rotting away in the yard, no point keeping it and the market is bottomed out.

  Prewar has its own buy/sell?

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5 fuel pump cores $10 each

Throttle linkage and kickdown rod from 55 roady $15

8- standard bore 322 nailhead used 1955 pistons SOLD

1955 Buick power brake booster and master cylinder. Moves freely but should rebuild for safety SOLD

New?rebuilt? Manual brake master cylinder with tag not frozen, very clean inside $45


All prices are obo plus shipping







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16 minutes ago, g-g-g0 said:

Happy Thanksgiving! Any idea if the power steering pump/bracket is correct for 53? A double pulley available? Out of town for a few days so unable to check my books.



No pulley here. Not sure about the bracket but pretty sure the reservoir is different. @MrEarl or @old-tank might know better than I.  Happy Thanksgiving

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23 hours ago, NC-car-guy said:

Anyone interested in the rear end, I sold the brake backing plates. The fluid looks okay no sign of transmission fluid or water contamination. All the gears and splines look good as well.

 put it in my pile

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I just sent in my form for a vendor space at 2021 nationals, Charlotte site only.  I will bring a load of stuff and want to return with none. This means I'll sell it really cheap. Want to know if there's any interest in large items as it will change how I haul my wares. I have a dynaflow and rear axle from a 55 roadmaster, a 55 nailhead (322) block and a 56 block.  If there's significant interest in these larger I'll bring them. The smalls are too much to list but range from carbs to trim and starters to radios.

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