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Need aged-out 16-inch tires


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I have a friend in the Burlington, VT area who has restored an old farm implement and is in need of two used 16-inch tires.  Aged out tires are welcome as speeds will likely never exceed 3 mph.  Blackwalls preferred.  Tires must be flexible, however, and if their condition is such that a blow with a hammer renders the tire into an exploded pile of fragments, well that tire was too old.  Also of importance is that the tires can't be as bald as a sports caster's head, some tread would be nice.


Before you consider the unconscionable option of rolling your tires down the nearest hill, creating a planter farm of white painted tires filled with dirt and edible plants in front of your house or sneaking the tire one-by-one onto the parking lot of your nearest tire store,  please contact me.  I can help your conscience, your disposal problem and we can help an old friend.  You will become an esteemed member of the newly recognized class of older americans that grew up recycling, much to the wonderment of today's youth who thought the concept was invented in 2005. 


I have a perfect pair of 25 year old tires that look great and are still very flexible, but the cost of shipping exceeds feasibility.  If you have two desirable tires and live close to the Burlington, VT area where shipping cost would be more feasible, please contact me and I will help you with any aspect of the process required to ship your tires.  

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