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1931 LaSalle parts 345A motor


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I wanted to have a LaSalle motor because it was a car Dad always wanted but never got...  I now have enough parts to build a shell for display...I have no intention of trying to build a running motor because I don't have the car. I ended up with many duplicate parts... These parts have been stored in an unheates barn for years & I rescued all of it.  These parts were left over from a restoration years ago.. I will list what I have for sale and if anyone is interested... I can post some pictures.

I have a cowl and hood, front left fender, with sidemount tub, crank case, crank and cam shaft, a water pump, carburator, cylinder blocks, oil pump, some connecting rods, oil pan, hubs and brake drums, 1 pair of cast aluminum brake shoes, 4 hub caps, rear bumper parts, transmission housing no cover or guts, 2 front wire wheels with no rings. All these parts are rough  ( but good for spares, if nothing else ). I also have one GOOD exhaust manifold (right side) with cross over pipe. most of the porcelain finish is still on it. There are cooling pipes and intake maifold parts, timing gears... and more small stuff.


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Sign in and out, you photo restriction on size will reset. I run the photos through my phone, as it is easy to resize that way.

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