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Christmas lights on cars


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I plan to install some Christmas lights on the Buick.  Our town has an annual event called the Festival of lights.  It is held every year on the Saturday night before Thanksgiving.  In Texas the weather can be favorable this time of year.  People make floats that they can light up, and there are numerous cars and firetrucks etc. (with lights) that create the parade thru town at night.   

My car is 6 volt negative ground.  I found these 12 volt DC lights that you can string together.    I think a string of lights around the top frame, and then one on each side of the chassis is about all I will need.  



I also have this 6 to 12 volt converter in my car that I can use to power the lights.  Each LED string draws .1 amps so that is a pretty low amp draw.  



The cigarette lighter ends are available as well.        


Wondering if anyone else has done something similar or maybe spark some interest for you to add lights and a hot cider dispenser.  I tried to find 6 volt lights but no luck on that.


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Since it's just a one time thing in the evening and not a permanent installation of lights. Just use the regular 12v lights, LED is a good idea since they use less energy and just rig up a full charged 12v battery in a wood case you can sit on the floor board or in the trunk, and run the lights to that battery and just run them off of it, independent of your car's 6volt system. Place an on/off switch on the box, and a regular outlet on the box that runs to the battery. Something like that? 

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I would try them on 6 volts and see if they work at all or if they are too dim. The voltage needed to initiate LEDs is well below 6 volts, and depending on how they handled the voltage reduction, it just might work. Polarity will matter.


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1 hour ago, Larry Schramm said:

Instead of using a battery, use a jump box for power.  It should be fine for a parade plus it is easy to recharge.


Plus most jump boxes have a cigarette lighter port for charging phones or GPS units. We used one for weeks this summer without recharging--one of these will power a lot of LEDs for a parade no problem.

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