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1929 Studebaker

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This is not mine!  I went and looked the car over and it is definitely a project. Familiar story of a father/son project, pushed outside under a leaky carport, which destroyed the top and some of the structural wood in the roof and drivers side rear corner. Owner was working on “replacing the wood” , but used pine.  Interior is roached. Front seat would hold people but needs the mexican blanket treament to say the least.


is listed for $3500.00 obo on letgo.  Located in Carbondale,PA


i took some pictures. The sheet metal is pretty nice and they painted the body already.  (Were going for the taxi look)


wood spoke wheels nice. New tires. Engine out of a earlier 27’ stude. Turns but doesnt run. Were working on wiring. Original is included but is apart.  Also includes another frame/running gear from a 27’.




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I suppose some of the chassis could be '29. But nothing else is. 1927 could be right for the fenders, body, as well as the engine. I think the price is a bit high considering the bad work that needs to be redone. But actually, the price isn't all that far off. Body and headlamps I suspect may be '26. Radiator shell of course should be nickel plated. Drop about 1500 off the price and it could be a decent project?

I had a '25 two door coach many years ago. Was a great tour car. 

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The Fisher body plant back in the day must have been an incredible place to watch craftsman at work.  I am guessing they had specialized area's of who built what pieces as well as assemblers. Folks who knew how to build this stuff is why so many "Sears Homes" were able to be sold and built by their owners back then. One day I will take on a project like this.  Already built my own house !

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concerning wood joinery.............Pierce was among the finest.


my 31 chevy roadster, not so much so. you could pretty much do whatever you wtd and it wood be as good or better then the original "craftsmanship".


BTW Jack- very nice synopsis of the car. well detailed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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