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Hi All,


Just wanted to update everyone that the products from the White Glove Collection are coming back to the market.  We have spare tire mounted mirrors in a variety of makes with different types of posts.  We have also started reproducing Senior Trippe Lights as well as Guide Super Ray Lights (7 7/8") with new driving and passing lenses using original glass molds.  In addition, we have an array of Guide Super Ray straps and are working diligently on reproducing these same straps by metal stamping as they were originally.


We can help with casting parts such as hood ornaments, door handles and other trim pieces.  We also offer metal spinning services which lends itself to manufacturing headlight buckets, hubcaps and mirror heads. 


Please visit https://whiteglovecollection.com/ for all the latest products and/or our eBay store at https://www.ebay.com/str/whiteglovecollection


Thank you,


Bare Lady Side 1.jpg

Art Deco Stem Side 1.jpg

Blue and Orange Silver Band 1.jpg

Red Center Black Band 1.jpg

Red Center Silver Band 1.jpg

Yellow and Blue Silver Band 1.jpg

Bucket & Bezel with Logo.gif

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