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1939 hubcaps wanted

Pete Phillips

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Looking for three more of these 1939 hub caps in nice condition (have plenty that are dinged and scratched). Please note that they have a larger lip on the back than the later ones from the late 1940s. I measure 1.5 inches from outer edge of hubcap to inner edge of the lip on the back.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, TX.


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Hi Pete,


I have 3 labeled as part #1309116, with one in an original wrapper (#1). All 3 appear to have the larger lip size you describe, but one looks to have a slightly deeper dish (#1, appox 1/8" deeper by my crude measuring than #2 & #3.)  Writing on the back indicates they fit: "1939 exc 90, 1940 exc 80 & 90". None of them are perfect, but they look like they could be about the same or better than the one you pictured.


I've tried to point out imperfections including a couple of small dinks and some light hazy specs (mirrored surfaces are so hard to photograph...sorry!) If you're interested send me a PM.















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Guys, the hubcap with the deeper dish is for 1939, 90 series and for 1940, 80 and 90 series. The dish accommodates the longer brake drum snout and wheel bearing dust cap found on these series. The deeper dished hubcap will fit on the smaller series cars O.K., but the 40 and 60 series hubcaps will not fit on the big series cars I noted. The smaller series hubcaps will rub on the front wheel bearing dust cap. John

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