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WTB 1949 Roamaster Jack


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3 hours ago, Scott Farrington said:

It is warm out today and I believe I have a jack for you.  Came out of the 1949 Sedanette.  Still has the remains of the instruction sticker on the foot.  Needs restored.  Value?



and the jack mechanism? 

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Here are some photos of the jack in my 1949 Super 51.  It came with the car. I believe that the jack is OEM. I don't know if jacks differed between Supers and Roadmasters that year. I've had the car since 1978.  The tilt effect in the first photo is because of the wide-angle of the camera in my phone.  I couldn't find any part numbers, but I did find the patent numbers.  I hope that this helps you in your search. I will send the patent photos in a separate post.



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