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Kaiser for sale

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Good luck getting your money out of this ! You will be hard pressed to find the right buyer. If you wanted to build a cool Kaiser you should have started with a 54 Manhattan which looks almost Italian especially that grille and with wire wheels is a looker. But still I have seen some 47 48 and 49 Cadillac sedanette resto mods for half this amount that are gorgeous. Gee Caddy or Kaiser Hmmm..not a difficult choice with 70K left over

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Looks like a very clean car, but it was lowered, so I looked no further. Actually, I looked no further when I'd seen the price, but I'd already seen the lowered car by that time so...well. you know what I mean. 😄


This could very easily become a "what would you do if you won $135,000 in the Lotto" thread. No offense, but buying this car would be one of the last things I'd do.



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