Suggestion for a riser to elevate a car in the trailer

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7 hours ago, Trulyvintage said:

Bad idea to cut a large hole in the side of your trailer.


That is what you did by putting a side door in.

Trailer manufacturers use framed flush doors for a reason.

Height and width are limited so the trailer maintains structural integrity - there is a reason for a header support - just like a door

in a structure.


You destroyed the curb side sidewall integrity.


That side gets the brunt of road vibration and hammering.


Now it will start to flex - the crack the welds.





Probably NOT the case here,


When I saw Mike's trailer I was impressed with the way he had braced and modified the trailer to allow driver-side access.


From what I've seen, Mike doesn't do anything half-way,

and his trailer is just another good example of conscientious  planning, skillful execution, and effective results.

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No trailer manufacturer would cut a floor to ceiling door without a header.


You can’t order an enclosed trailer with a 76 inch door - they don’t make them that large because the opening comprises the structural integrity of the design.




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