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Anyone still have a Hyundai from 91-98 or kept their notes on the OBD port

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Restoring an early Hyundai, and wondering if anyone still has a Hyundai from years 91, 92, 93, 94, 95 - the gen 1 - or 96 or 97 or 98 - the gen 2.  Or, if anyone kept their notes on their OBD port.


On the '91-'95 years, I was hoping someone could look at their 12-pin OBD port for me and post back with which terminals have pins in them - and the wire colors.


On the '96-'98, same thing but on the 16-pin OBD-II port - which terminals are populated and with what color wires?


The 12-pin connector should look like this:

There should be two terminals on the top row separated by 2 empty spaces then 3 more terminals, and have 6 terminals on the bottom row. (Pins 10 & 9 should be under the 2 empty slots, respectively, and pin 8 should be under pin 3 and pin 7 should be under pin 2 and pin 6 should be under pin 1.)

5     4 empty slot empty slot 3 2 1
12 11 10              9                8 7 6


The OBD-II 16-pin connector should like a "D" shape, with 8 terminals per row.


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added 12-pin connector pins to check (see edit history)

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Benefits of AACA Membership.

Those early cars with the scan tool and the adaptors bring back some memories. As I recall there wasn't much information on the scan tool from the OBD1. I distinctly remember back probing the computer for voltage when running down computer problems. There was a great aftermarket spiral book with all the values. Best of luck in your quest.

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Internet picture. I have not checked my Solus Pro box to see if I have the adapter in person. Might have gone when I sold my MT2500 last year. 


I have not seen the HYUN-1 adapter in Snap On literature, yet. 

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