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Dynaflow Torque Ball Boot - is there a difference?


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So I have a Lempco Seal that I determined was a 1948-52 Buick Dynaflow Torque Ball Boot 1334298, by looking at it.  The box was missing the flap with the ID.  But then I found I had another Lempco box with the flap and ID but the box and boot were slightly smaller. The 2 end openings are the same size as the other seal however the center section of the boots have different diameters and the height of the collars are different.  Are they still the same application?


Larger one 5 3/4" OD in middle, 2 1/4" overall height.  Collars are 3/4" tall with 3/4" tall middle.


Smaller one 5 1/4" OD in middle, 1 3/4" overall height.  Collars are 1/2" tall with 3/4" tall middle.



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Ron42Dodge i would say yes there both the same  . either one will work . here's why i say they will . i started redoing my  1948 buick roadmaster 70  in 2017 . the  Dynaflow Torque Ball Boot is one of the things i had to replace  .after months and months  miles of scuffing the net i made my purchase . at no time did i run across a large or small . i think what you have is maybe a mold change . mybe a upgrade  in  overall  OD . the one on the bottom does appear  to be a little older  .. heres 3 pic  . ha now  don't take my word   now you do a little research .




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