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Fluid Changes

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   With many of our old cars, we don't put enough miles on them to facilitate fluid changes based on use, but it ends up being based on time.  How often (in years) do folks change out their rear axle fluid, manual transmission fluid, and brake fluid, when the cars are not driven enough to hit mileage requirements?  I am wondering if I may be going too long, or changing too short.  Thanks.  



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3 hours ago, edinmass said:

Certain oils can become acidic over time. Every ten years is fine. Be sure to run the car hard at speed for an hour before draining the oil. Overnight draining is best.

Engine oils and some antifreeze become acid due to chemistry of combustion but I doubt gear oil does. 

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Its the old early oil that was acidic, many cars have transmission oil from the 40’s and 50’s in them still. I could show you a dozen transmissions that were pitted and the gears damaged deeper than the heat treatment on the teeth. Probably 90 percent of the cars have very oil oil in the transmissions, rear ends, and shocks. 

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