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Can’t identify great-grandpa’s car

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Thanks. A local classic car museum told me they think it’s a Stearns-Knight. I’m inclined to go with your opinion.


The auto in the second photo is a bit difficult to see.It looks as if there is no sun visor. Could those be removed? If it’s the same vehicle, I believe the man on the far right in both photos is my great-grandfather.

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14 hours ago, keiser31 said:

Looks like a 1927 or 1928 Dodge Brothers Standard Six to me.

1928 DB standard six.jpg


Comparing the relationship of the hood louvres with the ends of the hood makes me think the mystery car is actually a four cylinder model.  


I was tempted to think it was a Fast Four - BUT - it looks to be a two door sedan and I don't think there was a Dodge two door sedan - at least going by the info in The Standard Catalog.

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The hexagonal hubcaps on the mystery make me think it might be an Essex - maybe 1926 or 1927.


With some details obscured it is hard to be sure.


I haven't yet found a good photo to compare it with but I did find these on ebay.


It has the bolt hole in the front fender about level with the head lamp.


It has the spring lube access hole just forward of the rear fender.


It also has the quite large rear brakes.


Also the five rims bolts per wheel which not many cars used.



essex on ebay 2.jpg

essex on ebay.jpg

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