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56 Buick century master cylinder and wheel

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If you have manual brakes, that Master cylinder is very unique -- 1 year, 1 car ONLY -- just 1956 Buick -- and NO ONE has it NEW....

If you have Power Brakes, that is actually a "Treadle-Vac" which is a Power Brake Booster -- Master Cylinder complete unit -- and that definitely had to be rebuilt....

I have rebuilding service available for both units......


When you say "wheel" -- are you asking for wheel cylinders???

I have them Brand New -- $45.00 for the Fronts,  $15.00 for the Rears -- that totals $ 120.00 -- and I slice it to $ 110.00 for the set of four....

      Yours, Craig...

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No One ever packaged a kit to rebuild that Master Cylinder. It is a VERY unique Master cylinder that fits ONLY the 1956 Buick with Manual Brakes.

That Master Cylinder was a DELCO item Only, originally, and no one ever packaged a kit for it.....

Those who rebuild that unit do it with individual parts.....

          Yours, Craig

I personally can't help you on wheels & tires....

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