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How about a picture of YOU with a car?

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Here are a few. The 1930 DeSoto pieced together for a picture in 1971 and again completed in 2016 with my wife. Some cars I should never have sold--a 1951 GMC 5 window pickup truck, a 1960 Pontiac Laurentian 2 door hard top, a 1955 Chev 2 door post.scan0009.thumb.jpg.6083f9061ff1861b1174436e97d34370.jpgIMG_2626.thumb.JPG.d4675117cce68c3dda9c92600de99644.JPGscan0006.thumb.jpg.ee7433b038c5142dada44278941d2ee9.jpg

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21 hours ago, Steve Moskowitz said:

Great thread and watch for a new feature on this site to talk about your cars in depth.  Here is my entry.  1908 Model X, one of two known in the world, the brown hair is a dead giveaway that this picture was before I took the job at AACA! :) 

1908 Model X.jpg


Just needed a burgandy bow tie to be fully colour coordinatored. 

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Here are a couple of photo's from one of our trips to Jerome AZ  a couple years back while visiting the fire station.


Capt Ron in the second photo was kind enough to take anyone for a ride who wanted to experience it as they were promoting Firewise Day to bring awareness to forest fire hazards.  All age ranges took him up on it. I seen kids as young as 4 years old (guessing) and he even let  those of us in our 50's and some in their 70's enjoy a ride also. 


The truck is a 130" BE  1 1/2 ton model made in Evansville IN originally. If anyone knows Jerome, you know how steep the grade is in order to travel up the mountain just to see Jerome. He would take us partial way down the mountain and back up again. I was amazed how it handled - although not very fast and brakes were sketchy but it was still a good time for all. 



Jerome 2 033.JPG

Jerome 2 027.JPG

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18 minutes ago, keiser31 said:

I like the Chrysler wings on the Dodge Brothers fire engine.


You know John, I never even noticed that before, good catch. Weird because as a purist of DB/GB trucks I usually spot those things easily but I guess I was just having to much fun to think about it. Still, you would think I would have at least noticed the radiator cap though lol. Thanks for point that out Keiser, always the eagle eye ! 


Interestingly enough the fire station are the original owners so it's literally been on that mountain since it was sold in 1928/29. Here's an old photo of it from back in the day that I found on the wall at the fire station (note the correct radiator cap lol). 

Sorry for the mini hijack Victoria :) 

Jerome 2 046.JPG

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My first car was this 1958 Buick Limited 2 dr that Dad passed on to me in 1971 with the condition that I help him replace the rear universal joint that had failed. Together we changed it out in his then carport and I was on the road that summer.



One year later (1972) being a member of our local car club, a fellow member called me and asked if I wanted to buy a 1958 Buick convertible?



Now I had two '58's.


This past September...



(and no it is not restored)

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Here is one of my cousin, an uncle and myself picking up my cousin's 1924 Chrysler roadster.

My uncle had done some work on it before my cousin decided he wanted to do a frame off restoration so we were picking up the car to take it to the shop that is doing the work.



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This is me in the commercial booth at the Boise Roadster Show. The guy sitting next to me has been my Hudson competition for about 30 years. If a Hudson came up for sale around here, one of us would have been the first one there. The car in the booth behind him is a 1940 Ford coupe. Finished and in the show the next year. I have a bunch of pictures, and not many with me in them.

Roadster Show 2011 032.JPG

roadster show 017.JPG

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To give credit where credit is due my Dad was the big influence with me regarding cars. Having antique cars as a hobby and membership in a car club gave me a great foundation.

I watched as he bought this 1928 Whippet Cabriolet as a project having changed hands many times getting it to this point.



It took him 28 years to finish the amateur restoration and lived long enough to have some fun adventures attending many car shows and events.

This one was especially rewarding at the Ypsilanti Orphan Car Show in Michigan which my son and I attended with him.



I cherish those times and especially this moment.



Thanks Dad.

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On ‎11‎/‎9‎/‎2019 at 10:14 PM, Joe in Canada said:

I here my picture is in the next Antique Automobile so no point over exposing.  But here are  my present interests that are a 1912 Canadian T I bought from the original family a 1915 T plus the 1930 Cadillac I restored myself and a great driver at that  . Plus one of my 11 month old grandsons in his latest ride.

1912 t 017.JPG

2017-06-29 1915 008.JPG



Well they spelt my name right in the magazie but they got the wrong year of my car calling it a 1931 rather than a 1930. So no picture of me needed here after all.  

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