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How about a picture of YOU with a car?


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I can't find any pictures of my wife with my cars... she jokingly refers to them as the "other women".... but I do have a neat picture of my kids ( they look really enthusiastic ) and a current one as of yesterday where my daughter made a surprise visit !






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Angeles Crest Highway, around 7:30 am, couple of weeks ago.

Did the same  +/-170 mile run today accompanied by a friend in his hot rodded ‘30 A RPU. We took off around 5:30 am and got back little after Noon.



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Me and my 1929 Ford 150-a, one of the first six built. This was ten years and 60+ more pounds (on me!) ago.

BTW I sold the 1914 Ford Touring to “Old Car Fudd”  (pictured in an earlier story on this thread) three years ago.....the only car in my life I regret selling! Second picture is me this spring with my 1913 Runabout which I brought home after a 30 year slumber.


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This is me at the Lincoln & Continental Owner's Club Eastern Meet in Poughkeepsie, NY, in September of this year. 



Me at the Classics on the Hudson at Marist College, also at Poughkeepsie NY, in May of this year.


Me with Edsels at Rhinebeck, 2014



This one is a favorite, me and my dad (in the red shirt) at Gaslight Village in Lake George, NY, in 1991. My brother looking at us in the foreground with his back to the camera, my mom took the shot. (By the way, for those of you who go to the Hemmings Concours in Lake George, it is held on what used to be Gaslight Village; this section seen here has been filled in and is now the large walkway leading to Route 9 / Canada Street. Prospect Mountain is in the background here but our camera was not good enough at the time to capture it)



This one is very special, it's the last photo ever taken of my dad. Taken September 9th, 2001, in Lake George, NY, at the Adirondack Nationals. In February 2002 he lost his battle with cancer. 



and finally, some humor...

Me trying unsuccessfully to get into a new Camaro at the New York International Auto Show in Manhattan in April this year



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11 hours ago, alsancle said:

Not my car and I included Ed so I would look more handsome.   I couldn't find anything with just me.



 Mat Harwood is correct but It does not even have white walls, driving lights, spot lights or wind wings to dress it up some!!!

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I do not have a recent photo of me and my car. I hope to one day have my 1931 Reo Royale Victoria on the road. 

Here is picture of my 1926 Reo T6 Sedan about 1986 ?

Great topic Victoria Lynn and a good way to see who I have been communicating with over the years.

Even though some of these guys look very suspicious.






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56 minutes ago, Mark Gregory said:

Even though some of these guys look very suspicious

I know, right? 👍 I’ve met Keiser and Jack, so I kind of had an idea about what to expect. 🤣 A few others are friends on Facebook, so I’ve seen their pictures before.


I’m glad so many are participating, even people I haven’t seen post before. Here’s to hoping the thread continues to be used in the future. I enjoy seeing  what everyone looks like, past and present, and their cars also. 

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1 hour ago, 61polara said:

My '47 Buick Roadmaster, me in the '21 Maxwell, again in a borrowed '48 Tucker

Can't be to many blue Tuckers on the road and was wondering if you would know if that blue Tucker ever had an electric banner sign in the back window telling people that they had just been passed by a Tucker?

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Here's one more- me not with a car but with Henry Ford...or at least the wax replica of him at Madame Tussauds in Manhattan! (taken January 2019)



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14 hours ago, Roger Walling said:

Dragster and Roger 1958.jpg



Nice Digger Roger, interesting to see it's evolution.


Here a couple of my Ford Small Block Digger with Packard trans in about 1970. Sold in 1973, and in 2013 with the new owners touches, turbocharged. New owner still has it and the M&H's on it are the ones I put on it "back in the day".


My digger.jpg

My Digger 2013.jpg

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And a few of me (and others) and cars, hard to find because I'm usually the one behind the camera.

First photo -  At the wheel on a test drive of the 1st Packard I bought  a '38 Packard Eight.

Second photo- With one of the grand-daughters at the Shannons Sydney Car Show with my second Packard, a '41 120 Club Coupe.

Third photo - With sons Greg(L) and Luke and D-I-L Donna in front of mates 1912 Maxwell at the finish of the Perth to Sydney Run(about 4,000km) re-enacting the 1912 1st cross country W -> E  crossing of Australia by a car(a one cylinder Brush)

Fourth photo - My third Packard 1950 Eight Sedan

Fifth photo - My fourth Packard, well 1/2 of one, 1948 Limo Chassis

me at the wheel of the '38.JPG

Me Rivi & 41.JPG

Me Greg Luke & Donna.JPG

My 1950 Packard.JPG

My 1948 Packard.JPG

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Here's a couple more from "Day One" (with my PB Roadster).

Clearly it was a Happy Day and beginning of a lifelong (30 years and counting) relationship.






P.S. Not that I'm very photogenic (see above) or in many pictures with my car(s), but if anyone cares, there's a couple of more on the thread "Long distance driving/traveling with vintage cars" I started few months ago, right after joining this forum (Sorry, I don't know how to provide a direct link from here).

And while there, if anyone has contributions related to thread subject, please share.

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Me in the 1925 Standard Touring "Beulah" in 2015.


Wife Joan and I in the newly acquired 1925 Master "Remley". Sept.2016.


Our 1937 Special "Lucy". Joan and I ready to set off to the BCA nationals in Springfield MO. June 2015.


Sept 2nd 2019 with my wife Joan and my daughter's family out for my birthday dinner. "Beulah" has undergone some face lifting.

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