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How about a picture of YOU with a car?

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Hi all! I often find myself imagining what a lot of you look like and I’d assume you do also. It’s always nice to put a face to a name.


Since most of you don’t have a photo of yourself for your avatar, I was wondering if you’d do me a favor?


Would you post a photo or two, of you with an old car? You could describe a little about the car’s history, for example, is it yours or someone else’s, if yours how did you acquire it, how long ago, etc. you could share a bit about yourself too. If you just want to post a pic, that’s fine too. Please, don’t be camera shy! 


I will start and I hope you join in. Thank you! 


The first picture below was taken this fall. Many of you know that this was my father’s 1957 Ford Skyliner Retractable that I kept from his collection. The second picture is him washing the car back around 1998 or so, shortly after he acquired it. He loved this car and was very proud of it, so I couldn’t sell it. He passed September 1st if this year after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. 


After caring for him and selling his collection of cars, (aside from the ‘57 and a ‘63 Corvair Spyder convertible), I started working for Mutual of Omaha, helping seniors with the new HECM reverse mortgages. Many forum members assisted me with the liquidation process, a couple of you even in person. Thank you!


I enjoy being a member of this forum and would love to get to know y’all a little better and see your pictures. 



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No wallflowers on here. My earliest is circa 1951 with my 2 brothers (I'm in middle) beside someone's Chevy Fleetline? I got into the hobby late, after retiring in 2007, and started with the frame-up restoration effort on this '31 Chevrolet Deluxe Coach, here shown partially completed at my first car show in 2012. I also show my rough but exciting 1931 Chrysler CD8 Roadster, a barnfind in late 2014, and the current target of most of my hobby expenditures!!

The three amigos circa 1951.jpg



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1 hour ago, victorialynn2 said:





As much as I hate to admit, I know the exact pub you are parked in front of.

It recently changed hands and name.




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Me with some of my past rides....Grandma's 1969 Plymouth Valiant she left to me, 1967 Dodge A100 compact pickup, 1970 Plymouth GTX, 1942 Ford GPW, 1930 DeSoto straight 8, 1957 MGA, 1970 Plymouth GTX, 1957 MGA, 1926 Chrysler 58 with 1931 Dodge Brothers business coupe beyond and lastly....me with my first pedal car....




John and 1970 Plymouth GTX.JPG

Picture 999.jpg

Picture 1000.jpg

Picture 1156.jpg

Picture 11208.jpg

Picture 23246.jpg



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OK, here are a few. From newest to oldest:


I bought the 1914 Model T Ford 3 years ago in Minnesota.  It’s an old, tired restoration, but runs very dependably. A couple of years ago, on a short tour, it was on a muddy dirt road in the rain.  I haven’t washed it or polished the brass since, and people love it.  It looks as though I found it in a barn last week.  This year I drove it on a VMCCA nickel era tour in PA/MD/WV, the MTFCI international tour on Prince Edward Island, and the Southern Ontario HCCA tour in Kingston, ON.  The picture was taken, back when the car was still sorta clean, on an HCCA tour in NY state.




I’ve had the 1912 Buick almost 20 years.  I bought it as a running wreck and had it restored to AACA senior level. It’s the entry-level Buick – they made two bigger sizes -  and is a southern wide-track, with 60” tread instead of the standard 56”. I’ve toured thousands of miles in it.  The picture was taken at Hershey in the rain 3 years ago; the cast of characters are me, my grandson Campbell, and my son Gil the Younger.




I bought the 1911 Stanley in Canada about a dozen years ago.  The deceased prior owner had toured it for 30 years.  I’m still learning its many quirks.  Two years ago I drove the New London to New Brighton 125-mile run in Minnesota, and it only caught fire once!  The picture was taken at a Cars and Coffee on New Years Day almost three years ago; the temperature when I left home was 28, and I was wearing full cross-country ski clothing and a snowmobile suit. I’ve posted a couple more pictures of it in the thread about what car I’d like to be.




I bought the 1907 Cadillac in Minnesota 18 years ago.  It was national first prize winner, but the restoration hadn’t extended to the machinery; it barely ran.  I had it mechanically restored, and it became a wonderful driver.  In 2008, on a tour in Florida, my hat blew off.  I pulled all the way off the road onto the shoulder so I could retrieve my hat, and a jackass on a cell phone drifted off the road and sent the car 30 feet.  I was three years getting it back, but then it took a senior award.  It’s done the New London to New Brighton twice, the Lansing-Dearborn once, and many, many 1-and 2-cylinder tours.  On last year’s HCCA 1&2 in New Hampshire, it went up and down several 12% grades and one 15 percenter.  It’s been my favorite car for years.  The picture was taken on a tour in Ocean Grove, NJ last year – no hills on that one!




A few months ago I bought a 1904 Curved Dash Oldsmobile.  Drove it on the VMCCA 1&2, and this year's New London-New Brighton - 125 miles in pouring rain with no top or windshield.  No pictures yet.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini photo-tour as much as I'm enjoying seeing and reading the other posts in this thread.


Gil Fitzhugh the Elder

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Ok, here is a picture of me driving my 1969 Impala in Vermont about 9 years ago, coming back from a show in Stratton Mountain. I was caught off guard, turned out to be one of the editors from Hemmings. I purchased it in 2004, had 4900 original miles on it..... I've been restoring a SS427 Impala over the past few years now and there is a blog going on over on the restoration projects here in this forum.




DSC_8937 (1).JPG


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I'd always wanted a big club sedan,sparked by a love of gangster movies as a kid. Buying a nice US car stateside costs at least 30% more in Canadian dollars, so when this '29 McLaughlin-Buick Master close-coupled came up for sale here in Ontario,I jumped at it.Restored  over a ten year period (1975-1985) by a master cabinet  maker, it still shows and drives well. We had a four hour session with a professional photographer,which is where these came from. Features  my wife Bonnie and "Clyde" !


Bonnie and Clyde er Jim 15.jpg

1929 McLaughlin-Buick Christmas card.jpg

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This is me or at least my hand in my auto - X car.  It's going back to an open wheel, front radiator car from its late 1980's conversion to a side radiator full width bodywork config. It's a 1972 English built  Eldon F3 /  { North American FB } car, the Formula Super Vee engine is staying for the moment.

It runs very strong and I don't currently have the resources to put it back to the Lotus twin cam it should have. More or less a bolt in swap with the right ring at the gearbox and engine mount extensions.  Race cars are very simple in construction. The factory would supply the car with either powerplant 

depending on what class you wanted to run in, but this particular car was Lotus when built.

I don't usually take pictures of myself.

Greg in Canada



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Let me start with my 1920 Willys Overland Model 4.


Dad bought it from a member of the local car club, Historic Vehicle Society of Ontario (Windsor) after joining in 1966 and wanting an antique car.

The organisation was quite active then having car run weekends and social events.

This picture was just before heading out to some formal function.


I was 11 at that time so not able to attend that adult function but would go on the car runs with Dad when ever I could.

Those were fun days and got to see (and learn) of the many of North American car makes and models.



One regular event was the Labour Day Parade which dressing up playing a part made the kids watching on the sidewalks happy.


Dad passed it on to me after he developed macular degeneration and I took it and him to many car meets when I could.


Sadly, since his passing it sits in my garage needing five new tires (only 51 years old...) and a set of points.



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This is the best picture I have of  my 1930 Chrysler  dump pick up. it was a 4 door sedan and   was made into a dump box pickup  to be used in the depression.

They  cut it and saved the back and moved it  to make  the cab, from a distance  you would think it was factory.

The dump box is manual lift and dose lift.

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Here's a photo of me and my then girlfriend, now my wife, in front of my 1928 Model A Roadster p/u on it's maiden trip after  a 10 year restoration. Taken about April 1984, I was 28 years old. Sold it in 2000 to a gentleman in Virginia, still kicking myself!!!

scan0016 (2).jpg

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Here I am rolling the 1933 Pontiac sedan out of the seller's pole barn in 2017:



Driving the Caballero up to the awards staging area at the 2019 Concours of America:


I'll dig up a few more in the next couple of days.

This is a great thread!

Great idea, Victoria Lynn!


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I just discovered that I don't actually have any pictures of myself with an old car - so here's a couple of our cars and a picture a few days before my retirement earlier this year.  In my previous life I always said that I had a face for radio and a voice for print.  If any of you find yourself in downtown Innerkip, Ontario stop in and I'll introduce myself in person.  Don





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1974  My dads first kaiser darrin..  I would be in the middle..

1990 My first kaiser..

2005 Jake first kaiser..

The motor from my dads  first kaiser darrin.. Still have it..


1968 picture of a small part of the collection..






nick49.thumb.JPG.b26ea8bc4b8a4ccb82118f4661286906 - Copy.JPG




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I here my picture is in the next Antique Automobile so no point over exposing.  But here are  my present interests that are a 1912 Canadian T I bought from the original family a 1915 T plus the 1930 Cadillac I restored myself and a great driver at that  . Plus one of my 11 month old grandsons in his latest ride.

1912 t 017.JPG

2017-06-29 1915 008.JPG



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Here I am in the garage after delivery of my parts car. Left to right: 2015 Fiat 500, 1959 Fiat Granluce 1200 (being restored), the parts car for the the '59, and my '67 Fiat Giardiniera. Folks love the slow moving vehicle sign!


Oh, let's not forget the pair of 1966 Honda CA160s with custom luggage racks.



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Ok, I'm in ....


1963 ... the family with our 1927 Auburn, two years after dad bought it from the original owner.  I'm on the left.


1978 ... delivering my bride to our wedding.  My siblings did likewise in the 70s.


2017 ... Taking Dad for his last ride in this car.  He and the Auburn were both registered in December, 1926.


2017 ...  taking my grandkids in a parade,.  Same car, same jackets.


2019 ... some things don't change: same wife, same car.








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Now you tell me you can have people standing in front of an old car, I did find a couple pictures though.  

  First one is from 1999 with my siblings (I'm second from the left), taken at the farm where my Father grew up near Speers, Saskatchewan with my first old car that I bought in 1983 when I was 19, it's a 1937 Terraplane.

  Photo #2 is a couple years ago with Dad's (ours ?) 1915 T touring, when we were a one 'T' family.

Speers 1999 5.jpg


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Tough to find pictures I have not already posted. Harder yet with me in them. I think the one in Solvang, CA with the '27 has been on forum already. Those with the '24 in Seattle are new.


As most know, and certainly some do not, I have had the '24 for 30 years, the '27 for 6. They are unrestored originals, though the '24 was repainted decades before I bought it. The old Cadillacs run quite well, and I feel very lucky to still be able to drive them. Lucky also to have found the '24 on the other side of the country in Hemmings after looking for only about 3 years. I am picky, and originality is important to me. I call the '24 the "Summer Car". The closed sedan, the"Winter Car " took a search of over 20 years to find. Craigslist, just under 200 miles from me. This one has not been repainted, and true to its purpose, has an extremely effective factory heater. It is of the exhaust heat exchanger type, and set the original owner back about $40, perhaps equivalent of around $800 in 2019 bucks. I do particularly love  Nickel Era cars, and again, luck is on my side. I can have the two complimentary Cads for the price of one, had they been just a few years newer, or if, older, back in the Brass Era.   -    Cadillac Carl 






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