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3 - 1958 Cadillacs One limo two sedans $2900


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Package deal- 3 1958 Cadillac sedans. First car. Black series 75 Fleetwood stretch limo with white fenders. Have transferable paperwork. This is a rare factory limo. Fairly solid, needs rear quarters. Turns over. Second car. Black series 75 Fleetwood sedan. Complete car. Solid frame. Notarized bill of sale. Third car. Pink series 75 Fleetwood sedan from Arizona. Super solid parts car. Notarized bill of sale. Plan would be to remove rear quarters from number 3 to use on number 1. Would need to fab extra 18 stretch section. Use rear frame section from 3 for weak spot on number 1 frame. Number 2 would be for parts (or restore). You would end up with a solid, rare 1958 Fleetwood limo with several thousand dollars of extra parts. All 3 cars are complete, but in various stages of disassembly. EACH CAR IS STUFFED FULL OF PARTS. Can only up load 10 photos. ALL OFFERS TO BE MADE IN PERSON WITH CASH IN HAND. Price is very fair. Can store for 30 days if payed in full. Loaders on site to assist with loading.











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