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1921 Starter generator clutch

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Hello All,


Generally, this is not how I go about fixing mechanical parts on my ‘21s. However, I felt this was a good solution, utilizing an important part though it needed some repair. I hope it will last a long time.


My car was having trouble motoring before the engine cranked. So I removed the distributor housing and watched the S/G motor. It was painfully obvious that the S/G clutch had a noticeable wobble to it. That would explain why it would stop motoring when I moved the spark lever. The clutch and distributor gear would bind when I moved the spark lever on the steering column. I removed the clutch and watched the shaft spin alone. Not sure if the unit was dropped at some point or hammered on too hard, but it was all over the place. So I removed the S/G and replaced the armature. Sadly, the distributor gear and S/G clutch were ruined — the clutch had far too much slop to reuse. 




My spare S/G clutch had worn front grabbers for the Oldham coupling. 




So I mig welded new material to it. 




Then, I  used a Dremel Tool to cut and shape it, making  sure that it would grab the coupling as it should. 9254B8DF-8B93-4EA0-A4EA-7F22E79CC7C4.thumb.jpeg.0714277e9778989befb932cf7980728c.jpeg


See continuation of this topic. 





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Part two.


I popped out the binder spring, then disassembled, cleaned and greased the clutch. This silver dot in photo marks a notch that allowed me to easily get a pointed tool in to pry the spring out. (I’m showing the shells disassembled here so that the spring is visible.)






Reasembled unit moves smoothly and freely. 




I was was fortunate enough to have an extra distributor gear in near perfect shape!


Happy Buicking! 








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You will want something that will give lubrication and at the same time be 'sticky' enough to stay put.  When I put my unit back together I am going to use LocTite LB 8012.  I will also use this stuff on the drive shaft splines in the universal on the rear of the transmission.


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas

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