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Questions about a 1931 Graham Paige 6 four door sedan

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I am thinking of buying a '31 Graham Paige sedan, and would like to know if they have a 3 speed or 4 speed transmission..?  And is the transmission a syncromesh..?   ..... or do you need to double clutch as with a Model A ford ..?

What speed would you drive it at, for a 200 mile touring trip, that felt comfortable for a car (6 cylinder), that was in good mechanical condition, with good brakes and tires..???   I am considering a 1930 Franklin sedan or a 1931 Graham Paige.... both 6 cylinder, both hydraulic brakes... But I don,t know which one would be best engineered for long distance touring and daily driver..?  Considering they are both in the same mechanical condition.

Any thoughts based on experience or real knowledge of these two vehicles would be appreciated. 

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they were both 3 and 4 speed depending on the model.  Basically the "poverty pack" ran a three speed, the rest ran a 4 speed.  these were all non-synchro boxes.  Synchro didnt come into Grahams until sometime around '34 I think.

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