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Part 1 Building a new plate at home

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As I source proper coils to be replaced inside the coil and it's apart I decided to make a replacement plate.  While I don't intend on running the car with the plate it makes for a nice spare should something happen to the original.  

Supplies needed:


An epoxy mixture (a table top epoxy able to be purchased at a hardware store may work for you)

Milled/powdered fibers (May be your hardest item to source)

Playdough (3-6 jars)

Kitchen no stick spray

Suitable sized bowl or other container


Tape off the brush and points contacts so there is no inverted edges.


Fill bowl with playdough


Spray coil with non stick 


Press coil into playdough and remove


Carefully fill screw holes and point brush voids


Mix epoxy and fibers and pour in


Bubbles will form and rise, it is possible to accelerate the rise of bubbles by lightly dropping the bowl as you would a cake.  Bubbles can be popped by blowing gently on them.





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To make the connection inside for the points I taped and threaded screws with a lock nut so I could screw it in to make contact then lock it into position.  From this point it was a matter of picking ballast resistors, coils, mounting and wiring.  


All in all withing 48 hours a point of no coil to running car, I drove it tonight!


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