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1916 Swiss Army Ammo Cart

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NOT MINE     Anyone collect these items ?





A rare listing for the discerning militaria collector, re-enactor, educator, curator, prop department, or just someone looking for the ultimate conversation piece for a home or office. Probably the only one of its kind located here in Canada, this Swiss-made, single axle sturdy ammo cart would have seen action in the WW1 and WW2.

Built by the Federal Construction Works (K+W) in Switzerland, this beautiful, unrestored ammunition cart was made to impress. The Federal Construction Works was a state-owned company established in 1867 and specializing in military equipment. They produced mostly artillery and vehicles and continued to increase production in other areas (including aircrafts!) around 1914 becoming more self-reliant with t






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An army surplus shop near me had one of these for sale for years, they were asking $495 for it... I don't recall seeing it last time I was there several months ago so it must have sold...


There was a lot of Swiss surplus on the market 10-20 years ago, some really cool stuff but it has been drying up steadily. I myself bought a surplus 70's Condor A350 Swiss army motorbike and a bicycle 15 years ago when they were imported as well as various equipment and guns. I love it when a country cleans house and dumps surplus. After Sweden and Finland cleaned out their surplus a few years ago its been pretty generic since... not much new and exciting.

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We have one in the office. If I'm not careful I can trip over the shafts when I walk to the coffee machine.

The best Swiss surplus I've seen in the last 20 years was a lot of 15th century pikes sold out of the Luzern Armory about 10 years ago. (We have one of those in the office too.)

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