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Motorola 60 radio set


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Selling a mid ' 30's Motorola 60 AM radio with mounting plate , new round speaker box with new modern speaker, dial control with cables, refurbished antenna lead for roof style antenna, original speaker and mount assy. and extra speaker that looks to be refurbished. The original speaker is damaged and I don't know if it can be repaired. This radio was taken from a 1936 Dodge car and this model was first introduced in 1936. I was told that the radio was rebuilt by a company called Vintage Radio of Canal Fulton around 20 years ago. I have no idea if the unit operates but it does appear to have had work. All of the connections are marked with notes. I also have a replated and decaled dash panel for a '36 Dodge that is for this control. I'm asking $250 plus shipping for the unit and accessories and $135 for the dash plate. The radio itself weights about 19 lbs. This radio is sold as is. Any questions, please PM me. Only part not pictured is the dash panel and extra speaker. There is only one knob but new ones need to be procured.












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