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Hey good day today. Found my cutout relay.


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That looks like a generator cutout Relay which has a different function than the current limit relay mounted under the dash.  The cutout relay is mounted on the generator and has a cover .  The current limit relay has no cover.  Of course, the fuse holder is not of 32 Buick vintage as they had no fuse in their wiring system. 


Set up for both relays is detailed in the 32 Buick specs and adjustment manual.


Bob Engle 

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Hey Bob, 

I did look back in some images and saw that this unit was mounted up on the left of the radiator. Not sure why.

Additionally my reproduction and original wire harness has a wire that sticks out of the harness near the distributor. This wire looks like it has one half of an in line fuse holder. In the manual it seems to go to the horns. Is that just a connector but no fuse?



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I agree Larry.

Maybe it was used to run some accessory. 

Since it is not of the 32 Buick I will offer it up to someone who may need it. I will put it in the parts for sale ,maybe someone can identify it.


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