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26 Buick Standard front bumper brackets

Charles Thomas

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I'm not sure if the '26 mounts are the same as my '25,but pictures I see on line look very similar. In 1925, US Buicks came without factory bumpers.There were many aftermarket ones to chose from. I found this assembly on Ebay last year, recognizing the brackets immediately. These brackets are "U" shaped,mounting on the front spring bushing bolt on the inside,and using the same bolts as the fender mounting bracket on the outside.A special nut replaces the original spring hanger nut. A new set could likely be fabricated.




1926 Buick front bumper before.jpg

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Thanks for the replies.  Here are pics of mine.  The left bracket has one of its two "sides" broken off--still more or less holding, but not solidly.  I may have to switch to another type or fabricate something from scratch, but I was hoping to find a pair like these as replacements.   Suggestions welcome.



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