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Want for Chrysler 1946-48 Parking lights

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Well, they made lots of these cars and there are a couple of guys on the forum that are parting them.

Fronts are often chipped from rocks and such.

I would love to find a pair of outside mirrors for mine.

Also better pot metal parts, I don't think any have survived without pitting.

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On 11/9/2019 at 3:28 PM, Domi said:

Thanks Jack for your help, I appreciate a lot.

My park lights  are also broken but not do much.

if you find some in good condition, it will be fine 


You say yours do not match? I have a set for my 47 the same way. One is crystal clear and the other has a slight purple tint. Let me know if yours are similar and maybe we could swap one. I was going to try and find another tinted one and get rid of the clear one. They are both in good condition.

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Here is what I could find. (Do you know what it feels like when you KNOW you have more of these but cannot locate them just yet?)


Steelbreeze  wants the tinted one so Domi if you are interested in the 2 other ones let me know.

I have PM'ed both of you






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