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6V Fuel Shut-off valve

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For a little added security I was thinking of adding a fuel shutoff valve/solenoid between the vacuum tank and the Marvel carb in our ‘26 so I don’t run the risk of dumping the contents of the vacuum tank through the carb if something goes wrong. My first thought was when you turn the ignition on it also supplies 6V to the solenoid which opens the fuel valve. Or alternatively also put in a separate normally closed push button momentary switch so I can run the carb dry at end of the day.

Looking at Snyder’s catalogue they have a similar set up for Model As and Ts but the valve opening seems quite small, perhaps about 1/8” so I’m not confident it will deliver enough fuel for the 6 cylinder in the Buick.

Does anyone use a similar set up and have a recommendation on where and what to buy?

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Thanks Trinidian. I did see this post however I was hoping that someone might have experience with one and was able to comment on whether the bore is correctly sized for the Buick 6ers as most of the ones I found are specifically for a Ford 4 cylinder 

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