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1925-26 Ford Dealer Service Letters to Car Owners

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The Model T forum seems a bit anemic, so I thought I'd share this here. I have 6 Ford service letters from a dealership in Denver, PA, sent to Ford car owners from November 1925 through April 1926, numbered "Service letter number one" through "service letter number six". Each letter is three pages, top stapled, and covers everyday topics for keeping your car well maintained and avoiding troubles.


I couldn't find any other service letters like this out there, and I'm wondering if this was something the dealership created on their own? Do they have any value?
















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Are you near Denver PA?  If yes, take them to Renninger’s Antique market on Sunday and see if any dealers there are interested.  There are people who specialize in paper collectibles that might want them since the automobile dealer was from a nearby town.

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