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transmission shift lever/parking brake floor seal, 1928 standard


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When my 1928 Standard was restored 30 years ago the person doing the work must have run out of ideas when it came to replacing the transmission/parking brake draft seal at the floor.  Can someone tell me what the seal should look like?  Can someone send me a photo of an original.  I tried looking it up in my parts book but was unable to find any information.  Any help appreciated.

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If you goto Steele Rubber Products website and request a free catalog they will send you a custom catalog that’s just the products for YOUR car!!!  Even has a label on the front of the catalog that it’s for YOU w YOUR name and YOUR car make and model!!




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These floor seals are a tricky to get right.  I think they originally were leather in some places and felt in others.  I know Ford used Felt for the brake and clutch pedals.  The felt is not super durable, and the felt needs to be pretty stiff.  Felt comes in different grades.  I do not know what grade of felt should be used.  Leather is the same way.   It has to move out of the way, but have some stiffness to cover the hole.  

 I used 1/16" thick rubber on the parking brake and starter pedal opening.  Rubber does have a tendency to tear, so reinforced rubber is a little better for this application.  You can get 12' x 12" squares on ebay and other sites.   I may even try with leather later, but I need to find the right leather. 

I used tool box liner pad for the brake and clutch pedals.  This seems pretty durable and did a pretty good job of sealing the gap and keeping air out of my pant leg.  If I pull this off, spraying the face of the liner with flat black primer or paint would cut some of the gloss and make it look a little more authentic as well.     


Any photos or thoughts from others is appreciated.    Hugh





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Thanks all, I found that Tony Bult had copies of both the metal plate and rubber seal so I bought a set from him.   ike

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