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58 Edsel electric wipers


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I recently became an Edsel owner.  Pretty solid, mostly original car.  This car has electric wipers.  I’m a little confused with what was originally available as some 58s have vacuum wipers.  Another thing I read somewhere is that the early 58s could have electric wipers but then they went to vacuum?  Maybe I have that backwards I can’t understand why they would go back to vacuum.  Then some say that the cars had either the wiper motor under the dash or under the hood.  My car has the electric motor under the hood near the master cylinder.  Does anyone know the story?


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Thank your lucky stars.


No, I don't know, but I had a 61 Ford and both vacuum (with booster pump) and electric were options. That may have been true on the Edsel as well. The electric ones do have an advantage. They might actually work.


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