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:) I am looking for a schematic for a Buick 12 volt system. The Radio was made by Delco in the US. The first 4 digits are 9813 but the other 2 digits are partly missing, They look like either 22 or 33.

The valves are 12BA6 (2) 12BE6 (2) 12V6 (2) 12AU7 . The metal tube is unreadable because of rust. A total 8 tubes. Please PM me. 

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radioguybill, thank you. Rick from Regina in Canada , by interpreting the valves determined the model to be 981323. It has a 5au4 valve. It has a foot switch for changing stations . Now I will have to replace the Electrolytic Capacitor , 0z4 valve, buffer capacitor and coupling capacitor. These parts are readily available from Tubes AND more

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