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1922 Gray Dort misc. parts

Robert Kohn

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As I don't know your experience/background, this may be belaboring the obvious:

The Dort seems to've been an "assembled" car,  and, assuming the Canadian Gray-Dort was also, you may be limiting tour search unnecessarily as to mechanical parts...

The chances are excellent that most, if not all, the mechanical parts were from "vendors" (outside suppliers who specialized in various mechanical parts) and were also used in various other makes of the period...the tricky part is identifying the various suppliers  and their own ID numbers, etc;---once you have that, old parts catalogs can sometimes be consulted to determine how many other makes the part/s you need went into, as well as older interchange manuals ..

I only have engine parts catalogs, and they list various 1923 US models with 4Cyl Lyc K and Hersh-Splmn 7000 motors, and a Falls 6Cyl T-8000 engine; Canadian models may not have the same parts as the US produced models, just to make it more difficult...

Let us know what specific  parts you're looking/praying for, and if you know which engine you have...

As above, my apologies if this old, unwelcome news.....

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Thank you for that info . Yes it does have a Lycombing 4 cyl. engine . I could use a couple door latches and inside door cover plates , the Diesteel wheels , headlight rings , a good crown and pinion , a good set of front fenders . The roof bar assembly would also be nice as mine has rust thru issues . The front below rad cover would also be nice but that I can get it made . Other parts as well but those the most . 

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If you have any front fenders at all right now, it may be helpful to post photos of your old ones. We often see folks on the AACA Forums under the "What Is It?" sub-forum, asking for help identifying old used fenders. But most of us couldn't pick a Gray or Dort fender out of a pile, without having it already attached to the car. Indeed, right now there is a guy trying to ID a very nice used front fender, and so far none of us have been able to ID it. 


Just a suggestion...hoping it might help. 


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When spending part of my summers at my Grandparents farm there was an old frame with an engine and no body in the cow pasture. As the story goes it was an old Dort truck that my grandfather used as a farm tractor. We would spin around on the steering wheel and pretend driving this forgotten tractor that was basically a pasture play set for us.That was over 60 years ago. We settled the farm estate about 15 years ago. I took a couple old steering wheels, a wheel bearing cap, and speed regulator. More recently discovered the original title. I'm interested in finding a home for the Dort parts. I noticed in an earlier post that the trucks had a Falls 6 Cyl T-8000 engine. The title for my grandfather's Dort title indicates it as a 6 cyl DT2081. According to the title he purchased the Dort in 1935.


Is anyone interested in these parts?



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