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Seeking Pierce identity

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Have an acquaintance that owned a Pierce when he was a young lad.

About all he remembers is that it was an 8 passenger.  His mom sold it to the local funeral home when he entered the Service. 

Would like to know the specifications. 




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It's a 1936/37/38 Pierce Arrow club sedan.  Hard to pin down exact year from picture, as they were basically the same these three years, although a 38 would be rare as they only made a handful that year.These were available with either an 8 or 12 cylinder.  Fabulous driving cars, had an automatic overdrive that kicked in around 40 mph.  Big heavy car, would have weighed over 5000 pounds.

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The car in the lower photo has no side mounts, and is a 8 passenger, the story is a bit confused. The 8 passenger cars without side mounts were only sold to funeral homes when new..........so they probably bought it from one, and the story most likley was mis remembered. There are only two of them known to still survive. One is in the Boston Mass area, and hasn't run in years. Most likely its the car in the photo. Where was the family from? 

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