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1934 Ford v-8 foldout brochure "know the thrill"

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This nearly new condition 1934 "Know the thrill of driving the new Ford V-8" foldout brochure didn't strike me as something that would be scarce, but it seems to be. A blog post on The Henry Ford website indicates it was given out at the Chicago World's Fair, and there are a few reprints out there, but that's about it. There are five separate panels that fold out from 9" x 5-1/2" to a handsome 18" x 22-1/2" display poster.


Anyone else have one of these? This one's available, no idea what to ask without any comps, value is subjective.









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What's interesting about that brochure is that a couple of opinion-based claims it makes aren't too far from reality. First, driving an old flathead 8 Ford from the early '30's (as pictured in the brochure) actually would be a "thrill" for most people nowadays. Second, the "most beautiful Ford car ever built" claim is exactly how many old car guys describe the 1933-34 Ford. It's certainly one of the prettiest.

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