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Clutch issues on 1935 Buick Special 46C

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I am the proud owner of a "new" old 1935 Buick Special 46C.  She runs well and starts well.


The issue I am having is that occasionally when I come to a stop the car stalls.  I am pressing

the clutch pedal all the way to the floor and it doesn't disengage from the engine until the last 

inch or two.  I'm thinking that the clutch linkage or cable has become loose or stretched and 

that is the problem.  If I tighten up the clutch cable then the clutch should disengage from the

engine much sooner when I press on the clutch pedal.


If I slide the stick shift (its on the floor) into neutral and coast to a stop the problem does not

occur.  I then shift into first to begin accelerating. 


Does this make sense or should I be looking in another direction?


John P.  BCA #50690

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I have a 35 41 series,congratulations on your purchase. I'll look but I don't believe there's a clutch cable but linkage.I might have to adjust mine also. I know first year isn't synchronized and I have to come to a complete stop before shifting into first and then I have to slowly put it in gear or it would grind a little. Send us some pictures. Greg.


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