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Pewter Reatta Model #88 $400

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Pewter Model Reatta #88  $400 email any questions or if you want to purchase.

Price reduced to $400  duckster5151@gmail.com 


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its hard to believe that this is still for sale  if I didn't already own one I would buy this one  these don't come up for sale very often

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The 3 I have had haven't had any stamping at all. I wonder what events lead to some being stamped and some not. I sure would like to know exactly how many were produced. 

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I have had 2 one didn't have anything on the muffler and the one I have now says PROOF. It is really hard to say just how many were made but I would make a guess it was several hundred.  

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If you have followed any of the discussions on this Reatta model there were three different plaques.
There was the "General Managers  Select Sixty Tucson AZ  April 1988".....that would be for the Select Sixty Dealers and it would be logical to believe these would be numbered up to 60
The next plaque says "General Sales Manager's Pacesetters Tucson AZ April 1988"  again the logic would be those would start at 61 and go to 161....which we have been told there were 100 Pacesetter awards.
All the remaining (and we do not know that number) would have the Limited Edition plaque and no number on the muffler.
If you have any input on the model car and the awards  please pass that on to me.


The attached photos show the 3 different plaques............

Why would a numbered model show up on a stand with "limited edition"

The best guess is that several Buick employees were admiring the models and the cars were placed on the wrong base when they finished.

Example,  the sales manager at a dealership that was a Select 60 dealer might have compared his model with the owners.....

Since we do not know who and why someone would get the "Limited Edition" model .....maybe the parts manager. 

Chuck Kerls says his says PROOF,   Stan Leslie has one that says Prototype.    I have done a lot of research and so far have not found anyone that know any real detail about the models.

We do not know who made them......there was a company on the east coast that did pewter work that burned and they could be the makers.....similar Skylark and Allente models

have not given us any leads.   So the mystery remains  

* 1988 on the rear license is molded into the pewter as all models have a 1988 on the plate




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