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24-45 Dipstick Tube Loose


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My Dipstick tube is loose and wobbly, but does not come apart from the bracket riveted to the oil pan. 


Apparently it leaked badly, as the previous owner had coated the whole area with RTV. 


Should the tube be loose?  Is the angle adjustable, for some reason? 


I was going to try and degrease and solder it tight.  Would that be a mistake? 







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Don :

 I see your 1924 dipstick location is different than on my 1925.


On my 1925 it is part of the aluminum crankcase.. The fellow who fixed up my car in the 1960-70s put this later filler with the breather.

 I ran out to check on my crusty 1924 partial engine.

DSCF7881.thumb.JPG.d8b70d6fff45110ba986208a7e7014d7.JPG Yep. Yours is on the oil pan.DSCF6064.thumb.JPG.ee847c535d9d6520e93c49c1b1c6b6e3.JPGThe 1924-45 that was at our 2017 Mason-Dixon Show. Notice the carb drip pan.




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