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London to Brighton rally driver Dies in his 116 year old Classic Car

Mark Gregory

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Tragic Canadian oil millionaire, 80, is pictured with his wife in their 116-year-old Knox car as they set off on the London to Brighton rally just hours before he was killed in a crash with an HGV after accidentally venturing onto the M23

  • Ron Carey, 80, was at the wheel of 1903 Knox Runabout 'Old Porcupine' vehicle 
  • He had been taking part in London to Brighton Veteran Car Run with wife Billi
  • Mr Carey is said to have taken a wrong turn off the official route onto the M23
  • Friend says: 'He was very well-respected and well-liked. He's a tremendous loss'
  • Comes just two years after a 68-year-old man died at the Veteran Car Run



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I think I know who the driver of this car was, and if it’s the man I’m thinking of (not many guys around with a Knox), in addition to the tragic loss of life, it’s a real loss to my community and for the car hobby. 

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Ron was from Calgary and had a fantastic collection.  Here is a link showing an overview.

He will be missed.  The London-to-Brighton is such a historic event and unfortunately it's now been marred by two tragic deaths in recent years.  I'm sure organizers will be searching for ways to make it safer.



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Ron's passion for the automobile found public expression in his donation of money, cars, and other items to Calgary's local historical "pioneer village" - Heritage Park. His generosity allowed for the construction of Gasoline Alley, which houses some of Ron's collection (more than 60 vehicles, and other related petroliana items). You can google search some of Ron's legacy of philanthropy, and the Heritage Park website link is here (https://www.heritagepark.ca/) for a few shots of Gasoline Alley.  

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